My Story

Kia ora,

I'm Kylee Newbold, a self diagnosed crafting addict. I live in Mangawhai Heads, Aotearoa where I design and make my colourful creations. 

I love scheming ideas, learning new skills, bold colour combos, supporting others' creative journeys and not taking fashion or home decor too seriously.

I strive to use second hand and repurposed materials within my products to reduce their environmental impact and to encourage conversations around sustainability and the health of our planet. 

Life is short; let's have fun and stand out from the crowd. 

xox K

Kylee, a 40 something white woman is standing smiling with her arms in a Y above head in celebration. She is standing in front of a large rug tufting frame with a number of colourful plant inspired tufted rugs on it which she has just completed.