Where are your products made?

I make all of the hand painted jewellery, tufted pieces and card holders in my wee studio in Mangawhai Heads in Aotearoa. 

The recycled acrylic earrings and wooden pins are designed by me in Aotearoa and then made in the UK. I have selected this company as they are environmentally conscious and pro active about looking after our planet. At this point in time I am also unable to find a manufacturer closer to NZ who is able to work with recycled acrylic and sustainable woods.  


What is your jewellery made from?

I make all of the hand painted jewellery from recycled, repurposed and sustainable materials such as used billboards, leather offcuts and scraps from old pool toys (thanks to Nina from I Used To Be who provided me with these off cuts). These materials would have all been destined for landfill so I am providing a second life to these resources. 

The printed acrylic earrings are made from recycled acrylic (R - MMA). The recycled acrylic is created from acrylic that would otherwise have ended up in land fill. 

All findings (hooks, hoops and jump rings) are made from recycled sterling silver where possible. 


What are your wall hangings made from? 

I use a combination of repurposed, secondhand and new yarns when making my wall hangings. I use both acrylic and wool yarns and make sure I note on the listings if an item is vegan friendly (i.e not made with wool). 

As I buy as much yarn as I can second hand, I use a burn test to see if the fibre is natural or man made. 


I have sensitive ears, can I wear your jewellery? 

Definitely!!! All of the findings I use (hooks and jump rings) are made from sterling silver. I also hand make the sterling silver hooks myself and they are perfect for sensitive ears. :)


Why recycled, repurposed and sustainable materials? 

As a consumer I have become so much more aware of my spending habits and the impact that these have on our planet. Personally I have stepped away from purchasing fast fashion and prefer to buy second hand or from small businesses who value ethical and/or sustainable practices. Prior to my rebrand I was selling under the name "Throwing Feathers" creating acrylic jewellery. I had always used wooden off cuts in my work but as time went on I began to produce a lot more acrylic designs. I began to struggle with the impact that using these materials has on our planet (and my health, let's just say that hanging around a laser cutter for extended periods of time really isn't that good for you) so I started to look for alternatives. I have always been someone who loves a good DIY challenge so I started to play around with some other materials that were available to me. So far billboard, leather offcuts, vinyl scraps and recycled acrylic are proving to be a lot of fun to work with. I'm sure I will be adding to this list as I'm always on the hunt for fun materials to create with! #sustainableselfexpression 


Any other questions?

Please feel free to flick me an email kylee@newbolddesigns.com and I'll see if I can answer it for you.