Custom Tufted Creation

It's been a rather slow few months making wise, as we are coming to the end of a 6 month renovation and it's been taking up A LOT of my time. It's very exciting creating a fun space for my husband and I but I have been missing tufting. So, I was very happy when I received a request from one of my amazing customers to make a custom welcome sign for her home. She was interested in having a different colour variation made of the fringed Welcome sign I launched in my July 1st drop (the original is still up for grabs, you can see it here). 


With all custom pieces we discussed colour combos and then I create a basic mock up to confirm the colour layout for the piece (as it was based on an existing design this was a simple process). Once I was given the a-ok it was onto making, making, making. Here's a few pics and videos of the process and finished product. 


Basic concept design 

Process video 

FYI - if you're into youtube I will be starting to upload more of my videos there. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with my creations. :)


Finished piece



Custom orders can generally be ordered, made and delivered to their forever home within a few weeks so please feel free to touch base if there is something you are interested in having made. I enjoy making pieces that are going to fit into your home and bring you joy each day. 

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